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We all want to be happy and healthy, but what that looks like is different for everyone. We believe by reflecting on our days we can overcome anxiety, stress, and bad habits to achieve our Best Self!

What's this all about?

We're glad you asked. We generate so much data about ourselves, but most of us still don't know how diet, exercise, and other habits impact our lives.

We built BestSelf so that we can all learn from ourselves.

Expert Psychology

Our questionnaires are derived from the best in modern clinical psychology. Not all questions are created equal, that's why we curate our question banks.

Automated Analysis

We analyze your data to provide you with useful insights. It's continuously updated, but we also send you some highlights ever week so you can get to know yourself a bit better.

Completely Private

All your data is secured to the highest standards of confidential medical information.

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Whether you're getting ready for a busy day or winding down for a relaxing night of sleep, we've crafted questions to help you effectively reflect. No more boiling down mood to just a single question, we each have an intricate and beautiful psychology worth learning from. Our curated questions will help you quantify your mind better.

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How is coffee affecting how anxious you feel? Does working out really help you find clarity? Is meditation right for you? You're unique, your wellness recommendations should be too. Explore a plethora of content and keep track of your personal wellness story.